Been There,

From building amazing tools at the top fintech companies on earth,
we have decided that it's time to build for YOU.
We understand that building a startup is hard, even harder when it's a fintech startup. That's why we built Stack, to give you an un-fair advantage.

Our Story.

Originally started in 2022, Stack was focused on building apps for non-technical founders within an ambitious 30-day timeframe. As we worked on this idea, it became clear that to achieve rapid development, we needed to have foundational services already in place and ready to go for these apps.

Given our domain expertise in the fintech space, we made a strategic decision to narrow our focus exclusively on building fintech apps. We knew that by concentrating on this niche, we could provide the most value to our clients. However, as we immersed ourselves further in the fintech industry, we encountered a significant obstacle – the cost of building fintech apps was exceedingly high, making it unaffordable for many aspiring founders without substantial funding.

Determined to find a solution, we decided to approach the problem from a different perspective. What if we could still deliver on our promise of building fintech apps within 30 days while dramatically reducing the expenses associated with accessing the necessary APIs and services for these apps?

In 2023, we made a pivotal decision and pivoted our business model. Instead of solely building fintech apps for our clients, we shifted our primary mission towards providing the essential infrastructure required to build new fintech products. Our aim was to cut costs in half and accelerate the development process, all while remaining true to our commitment to the 30-day mark.

With this strategic pivot, we positioned ourselves as trailblazers in the fintech industry, offering a game-changing solution that empowered aspiring founders to turn their innovative fintech ideas into reality without breaking the bank or compromising on speed. Through our infrastructure support, we not only enabled the creation of groundbreaking fintech products but also helped usher in a new era of accessibility and opportunity in the fintech startup landscape.